A meth carrying quadcopter crashed on the south of American border.

When people start to introduce the entire world to a new technology, they donot consider the fact that, every useful thing can be used positively as well as negatively. To fulfill the need of the photographers, these drones are able to take aerial photographs for the people to enjoy. Some drones are also used in various other services such as, for the welfare of people. However, there has been an incident which showed that a drone was used to deliver methadone which was unsuccessful, hence crashed on the southern border of America while it was delivering from Mexico.

The CNN news reported that, while carrying immense amount of load, the drone crash landed on the south of the city border of San Ysidro. Know anout that at quadcopters website. The police officers involved in the investigation claimed that, cartels initially used the drones for surveillance, to closely monitor the level of police activity on the border. We have many of them and these are the best quadcopters with cameras. But it was the first time that any cartel utilized a drone to transport drugs overhead and outsmarted the border police. It can be inferred that they no longer use the tunnels connecting the USA border with Mexico to deliver their drugs. One of the border police also reported that it was the first time they came across a situation which proved the cartels to be smarter than the cops.

It is really an ungrateful thing seeing such an advanced technology being used to carry out something unethical and harmful for the society. Such drones can be utilized to take care of different tasks such as, search and rescue mission by the military and the fire fighters. Some people also utilize the drones for catering their personal needs hence, allowing them to customize the drone to serve a specific purpose. It’s sad how some people have been constantly using the drones to serve their unethical activities. Let us stand together against them.

Dating can give you the biggest of perspectives about life

No one is 100% perfect in life. Everyone has problems and they solve the problems differently. The nature of the problems is not the same too. Dating is a good thing but some people think it oppositely. People cannot determine ones goal in the life sometimes. They have to depend on others. Some people may be naturally introvert or extrovert and they may have seen the reality in life and their harsh reality may make them violent in nature or they may simply get no one in life to be the protector who loved him or her from childhood. These types of people do not get any love from any person which makes them more violent. People can simply forget all the pain in life and just go for an online chatting and a dating if it comes to a dating situation. People may fall in love with someone unknown from before and just talking to them. People can drown in love and it is the loves which can make the person forget about all of the sin he or she has done in life. Love is really an innocent thing. It purifies people from sin he committed.

Sometimes love can determine ones goal in life. People may engagewith anyone and just go for a dating. And the partner in dating can make the person into a completely changed person. So dating is chance to every person to know him or herself newly foronce again. And these opportunities must not be ignored. Always grabbing such an opportunity makes the life more beautiful and tightens the bondage of love between people. You can know about yourself completely by talking to any other person. Get the best trial at www.mrdatemeister.com/eharmony-free-trial. The other person can evaluate you that are not possible for you to do the total thing completely. You can learn many things in life which are really essential forlife through your partner while you are on dating.Dating can resize ones entire life. Some people find it very interesting to go on a dating with unknown people. They think it as a kind of adventure to know more people with different characteristics. It gives them the pleasure of adventure. This is also good in my thinking. All of the sociologists gave their theory on the basis of the people they watched around them and the situations ariseupon their evaluations. So behavior learning is a good thing too. Above board dating is a very good thing to the mental patience of anyone.

Top 5 Paintball Guns that you can choose from

If you are looking forward to buy a new paintball gun, this article will provide the authentic and complete information which will help for your search. Investment is important for which, one must know how to make the best as well as the smartest investment without suffering any loss.

Tippmann US Army Alpha Black Elite:

This is an assault rifle similar to M16 which the US Army uses in wars. This marker will provide the best simulation offering extreme accuracy and portability, the feeling is similar to an actual M16 assault rifle. This marker has managed to gain popularity among paintballers because, apart from providing the maximum comfort, its price is also comparatively more reasonable than other markers available in the market. Manufactured by Tippmann, the entire body is made of plastic with a matte black finishing. It is so realistic that even the US Army uses it during their training sessions.

Tippmann US Army Project Salvo:

This is another piece of masterpiece by Tippmann and the design has been adapted from the real AR-15 automatic assault rifles used by the army. The ccmr is the  best way to get paintball gun. This marker also provides wonderful accuracy and one can include various types of gadgets in order to improve the simulating experience. The price level is reasonably cheaper for which many people can afford it.


This marker is solely made for close range combat with an electro-pneumatic firing system. The major advantage in using this marker is flexibility. It has a proportional weight which is distributed equally for which one can jump while shoot, crawl and shoot as well as run and shoot.


Have you heard about the term called, “Small but deadly?” This marker is the perfect example. Even though it looks small, but it can provide abnormal firing rate with deadly accuracy. It’s lightweight and easy to handle. A silencer helps to reduce the noise level from the gun when triggered.


This is another marker which is small and portable but provides amazing accuracy and firepower. This does not have any recoil power and can be adjusted to fire 300fps. One shot can trigger 3 bullets for which there is no chance of missing your target.

Your life will be changed forever by a mail order bride

My experience with a mail order bride is what I am going to share in this story now. Well I hope every one of us knows about what a mail order bride is and those who don’t know now knows as they will Google it and know. Well if you don’t Google then I have to think you got to do Yahoo and that’s pretty lame in the 2014.

Well I have nothing else to say except change the habit or break the habit or do anything to get to Google. Well I was talking about my mail order bride incident. It is very important to check about fake bride. That is a great story and I don’t think you are worthy of it, Just kidding. Well there were not a lot of chances for me to date and hook a woman to marry me and those I wanted to put aring on were too much jumpy after I proposed that the next day they broke up with me and mind you, all of them said I was choking them and that was it. I was done with dating and took upon me to live alone for the rest of my life.

I will be a lonely heart forever. D-E-L-G-H-T-F-U-L is the source of that. There are not much I can tell about myself and anything I say good can be thought of as lies or near lies. So I will say no men is that much bad that no one want to be with him? Well I know as I had been a victim of that and had been for a long time. There were not much I could have done with me as I didn’t know what was wrong with me and I was pretty depressed with my life.

I thought for real that there were no one for me in the whole universe and I thought that will be my story for always. I was pretty sad for the sad story of my life and I wanted never to change to that as I thought it to be my fate. Check the russian mail order brides at delightfulblogs.com/russian-mail-order-brides. There were a lot of dark times in my life and that would have persisted even now if there were not my friend who will not be named.

The friend who will not be named made a profile for me and took me to the laptop and made me talk to women I never knew before. He told me to read about her and get to know each other as she will be the one who will change my life forever. I read her profile and she was Russian and I fell in love with her and married her and we are both very happy with life now.